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Arthur W Perdue Graduate Fellowship

The Arthur W. Perdue Poultry Science Association Fellowships are designed to support students pursuing a M.S. degree at institutions recognized for their contributions to poultry research and for projects focused on better defining normal broiler chicken behavior and/or the changes in behavior associated with enriched environments in the broiler house. Any proposed research must comply with this mission. The Fellowships will provide funding over a two-year period subject to satisfactory progress.

Merck Animal Health Graduate Fellowship

The Merck Animal Health Graduate Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding student in poultry sciences pursuing a Ph.D. degree. The Fellowship provides funding over a three-year period subject to satisfactory progress. Innovative, applied, and basic aspects of poultry science will be considered including such areas as intestinal health, immunology, poultry pathology and disease, molecular biology, and vaccine technology and development.

An annual progress report will be required within three months of the first and second years of the project. A final report will be submitted within three months of project completion. The final report should provide a detailed description of the principal accomplishments and findings of the research and include a list of any publications produced including those submitted and In Press. It should include courses attended and grades achieved indicating educational achievement and describe any meetings attended to disseminate the results.

Applications are accepted beginning August 15 and must be submitted before the deadline of September 30. The Fellowship commences on January 1 of the year immediately following the application period.

Current recipients of the Fellowships are:

  • Ms. Maria Arendt, University of Wisconsin

  • Ms. Yi Han, Ohio State University

Targeting Excellence Scholarship

Targeting Excellence scholarships will be awarded by a scholarship committee comprised of national BOD members and regional leaders involved in food animal production. Scholarships will reflect the interest of annual contributors and the participants of the fund-raising events. Scholarships will be awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an agricultural curriculum at an institution that offers degrees in agriculture. Preference will always be given to applicants with a desire to work in some aspect of food animal production.

USDA ARS Postdoctoral Research Program
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