2020 Cliff D. Carpenter International Essay Competition

Five travel awards of $2,000 will be made available on a competitive basis to full time graduate poultry science students for attendance at the XXVI World’s Poultry Congress, to be held August 16-20, 2020 in Paris, France. The original essay of up to 2000 words should address the topic ‘The possible role of the World’s Poultry Science Association in education’. The 5 winners preferably should come from different continents. Awardees will be selected based on an essay submitted by the applicant and evaluated according to guidelines established by the WPSA Carpenter International Essay Committee.


  1. Birthday between October 1, 1989 and October 1, 2001 (i.e., age 18-30 on October 1, 2019)

  2. Full-time undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Poultry Science or a related discipline with a poultry emphasis at an institution of higher education. For clarification, students in a D.V.M., Ph.D., M.S. or B.S. program are eligible for this competition.

  3. WPSA membership at least since January 1, 2019.


  1. The entire essay (including preface) will not exceed 2000 words.

  2. The typewritten manuscript will be double spaced, with one-inch margins all around, using 12-point font and in English. The document should include a Preface page (see below), a Title page, and the essay.

  3. Each application MUST be accompanied by: • The official application form (link below); • One brief letter of recommendation (no more than 1 page) from a person in authority at the applicant’s institution (e.g., Department Head, Programme Director, or the applicant's academic advisor), that includes statements that indicate: --- i. In what capacity, and for how long, the person writing the letter of recommendation has known the applicant --- ii. The applicant is within the age limitations; --- iii. The applicant is a full-time student in good standing, and meets all the other selection criteria; --- iv. Other brief statements of support

  4. Submit all documents to the email address listed below, NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1, 2020.

  5. The Essay Committee will determine the winning entries based on the scoring criteria outlined below. Please follow directions, as this will affect the final decision.

  6. Keep a copy of your essay and application form for your records.

  7. If you have not received an e-mail of receipt within 5 days of emailing, please direct inquiries by phone or email to the contact listed below.

Guidelines & Application - 2020 Cliff D. Carpenter International Essay Competition

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