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Graduate Assistant Researcher

The Farnell Laboratory would like to hire a graduate student to pursue a Ph.D. in Pre-Harvest Food Safety and Avian Immunology. The position will cover stipend, tuition, fees, and health insurance. The student would take a full course load and maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA to maintain eligibility. Funding guaranteed for the first year, but additional funding will be contingent on sourcing new grants and student productivity.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee and assist with four ongoing federally funded research projects in the areas of farm biosecurity (2 grants), state animal health official training, and development of a novel Salmonella vaccine.

  • Significant training will be required to work with infected animals and within biosafety level 2 laboratories and animal rearing facilities

  • Train and coordinate with undergraduate students

  • Assist with other research projects, with expectation of collaboration

  • Assist with undergraduate classes and lab responsibilities as needed

  • Write peer reviewed publications (at least 3 expected) and present data at scientific meetings

Minimum Qualifications

  • Exceptional work ethic, pays extreme attention to detail

  • Good sense of humor, team player, goal oriented

  • Good communication skills, well organized

  • Ability to work in commercial and research animal facilities as needed

  • Ability to work with risk group 2 pathogens

  • Ability to work in hot, humid, and dusty environments wearing personal protective equipment such as coveralls, smock, boot covers, hair net, gloves and face mask

  • B.S. related to Animal Science, Poultry Science, Biology, Microbiology, Immunology

Preferred Qualifications

  • M.S. in one of the above-mentioned areas

  • Published in a peer-reviewed journal

  • Prior record of presenting data at a scientific meeting

Applicant Instructions

  • Available to meet at the Poultry Science Association meeting. Please email for initial introductions.

  • This position will be open until filled. Our target start date is the spring of 2024 or sooner.

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