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Research Assistant/Associate Positions – Behavior and Welfare

The Department of Poultry Science at Auburn University is seeking a highly motivated individual with a passion for poultry behavior, welfare, and management for the position of research assistant or research associate.


These include but are not limited to:

  • Assists in the development of project proposals, plans, and protocols

  • Conducts routine or fundamental experiments, investigations, and/or studies related to programs and projects in pursuit of new knowledge, techniques, and concepts

  • Assists with logistical considerations to include equipment, materials, and labor needs

  • Collects data/samples related to others’ research and in routine cases

  • Assists in animal care when required

  • Records, compiles, processes, and analyzes data/samples

  • Documents results and observations in writing as well as via presentations

  • Manages and trains students in laboratory techniques

  • Assists in the preparation of research results for publication or presentation at conferences, this includes assisting in literature reviews and the writing of results and discussions

  • May perform media communications for the laboratory by maintaining the laboratory website and social media

Qualifications and Skills

  • An earned B.S. or M.Sc. in poultry science, animal science, veterinary medicine or a related field.

  • Ability to work with live birds and mammals, animal tissues and organs, chemicals, and audio-visual equipment.

  • Knowledge of ethological and physiological laboratory techniques, procedures, and equipment used in agriculture research.

  • Ability to organize and run a research trial.

  • Proficiency in data organizational procedures in Microsoft Excel, Office, and other programs and ability to maintain detailed records.

  • Ability to run statistical programs such as SAS and R.

  • Ability to report and present data from research findings.

  • Willingness to work a varying schedule when required.

  • Proficiency in academic writing.

  • A valid driver’s license or the ability to obtain one prior to employment is required.

For more information contact, Dr. Bethany Baker-Cook (

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