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PSA Hatchery “Brooder” Development Award
(Updated January 2024)

The PSA Hatchery is the student body of the Poultry Science Association whose objective is to provide for the educational, social, and academic/industrial advancement of its student members. The intended purpose of the Poultry Science Association Hatchery “Brooder” Development Award is to help students further develop their student-led organizations and the institution by organizing events, activities and conferences that would not be financially viable without the use of the additional funding from the award. Applications can be submitted anytime and is assessed on a case-by-case basis.



  1. An applicant may be a student interested in hosting a poultry-related event at their institution:

    • Undergraduate students* must apply through their student organization/club.

    • Graduate students* may apply independent of a student organization.

    • Both undergraduate and graduate students are required to have the support of an event advisor. The event advisor may be the supervisor of the student, a faculty member, or staff member in the submitting student’s department.

      (*Applications must be submitted by current PSA student members as outlined in the Hatchery constitution. Membership registration for student members is free for both undergraduate and graduate students (more information on:

  2. The applicant submits the following to

    • a completed “Brooder” Development Award application detailing their event, and

    • a detailed budget signed by both the student and event advisor detailing description of the intended use of funds.

  3. The application is received and reviewed by the Hatchery Advisory Committee.

    • Applications for funding a project/activity or event that has taken place prior to the application review will not be considered.

    • No more than one award per University per academic year will be given.

  4. The applicant will be contacted to communicate the decision.

    • The Hatchery Advisory Committee will review each submitted application and confirm that each student has met the requirements of the award and will ultimately help benefit the participating members i.e. the students as a whole.

    • Depending on the number of applications and requested funds, the Hatchery Advisory Committee will take a vote to determine how much money is allocated and to which student organization(s).

    • The amount of the award may not equal or match the amount of the requested funds. The Hatchery Advisory Committee will determine the amount of funding for each application based on available funds.

  5. If approved, the applicant organizes and holds their event.

    • Ensure that receipts are saved for reimbursement. The award money will be distributed by PSA in accordance with receipts that match the original award approval.

    • Ensure that photos are taken at the event to write a report.

  6. After the event, the applicant submits the following items to

    • PSA expense statement,

    • Bank account information for the University. Funds can only be paid to the institution, not an individual.

    • Scanned receipts used for the event, and

    • A detailed summary report of the event. The summary should give an overview of what the project/activity was and how the award money was beneficial. It should also include pictures of the event/activity. The report and photos will be published on the PSA Hatchery website.

  7. PSA reimburses the expenses of the event according to the reimbursement form.

    • PSA reserves the right to disqualify applications and payments that violate the guidelines of the award and/or PSA’s reimbursement policy. 

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