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Please Note: The Brooder Program application is currently being revised to accommodate applications from Graduate Students.

PSA "Brooder" Program
(Updated March 2023)

The PSA Hatchery is a student organization of the Poultry Science Association whose objective is to provide for the educational, social, and academic/industrial advancement of its student members. The intended purpose of the Poultry Science Association Hatchery “Brooder” Development Award is to help students further develop their student-led organizations and the institution by organizing events, activities and conferences that would not be financially viable without the use of the additional funding from the award. Applications can be submitted anytime and is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


How it Works

  1. A student organization submits a “Brooder” Development Award application to (more information below).

  2. The application is received and reviewed by the Hatchery Advisory Committee.

  3. The student organization will be contacted on whether the application is approved.

  4. If approved, the student organization organizes and holds their event.

    1. Ensure that receipts are saved for reimbursement.

    2. Ensure that photos are taken at the event to write a report.

  5. After the event, the student organization submits the following items to

    1. PSA expense statement,

    2. Scanned receipts used for the event, and

    3. A final report of the event

  6. PSA reimburses the expenses of the event according to the reimbursement form.



Applications may be submitted by current PSA student members as outlined in the Hatchery constitution. Awards must have an advisor’s signature, which may be a faculty or staff member in the submitting student’s department. PSA reserves the right to disqualify applications if reimbursement is a violation of PSA’s reimbursement policy.  



The student organization shall submit a completed application addressing each of the criteria listed below and a detailed budget (see attached); applications must be signed by both the student organization's leader and an advisor.


  • Applications must include a detailed description of the intended use

  • Applications must include the budget sheet for the intended project/activity

  • No more than (1) award per University per academic year will be given

  • After the intended project/activity takes place, a detailed summary of the event is required along with all receipts for expenses emailed to


Selection Criteria

The student organization applying for the award must answer the following in the “Description of project/activity” part of the application (attached):

  1. What is the potential value of the proposed project/activity to students?  

  2. The proposed project must be likely to achieve the goals stated by the student organization applying. What are the goals of the project/activity? If the project is not completed and documented within the semester of proposed project date(s), awarded funds shall not be given.


Procedures for Submitting Proposals

Each interested student organization will apply with an electronic copy to the PSA Hatchery email at  Student organizations will need to submit the application (attached) outlining the project or activity the money will be used toward and the budget sheet (attached) showing the need of funding.


Applications for funding a project/activity or event that has taken place prior to the application review will not be considered.


Proposal Review

After submission, the Hatchery Advisory Committee will review each submitted application and confirm that each student organization has met the requirements of the award and will ultimately help benefit the student organization and participating members i.e. the students as a whole. Those applications meeting the requirements will be contacted with the decision (accept/decline) and notified to move on in the award process.


Award Distribution

Depending on the number of applications and requested funds, the Hatchery Advisory Committee will take a vote to determine how much money is allocated and to which student organization(s). Once the Hatchery Advisory Committee's decision has been made, each student organization will be contacted within the week. The award money will be distributed by PSA in accordance with receipts that match the original award approval. It is imperative original receipts are kept and scanned and e-mailed to PSA at



After the selected student organization(s) have finished the project/activity the award money was given toward, a summary of the event shall be submitted along with the expense report and receipts. These items should be e-mailed to The summary should give an overview of what the project/activity was and how the award money was beneficial. It should also include pictures of the event/activity. The report and photos will be published on the PSA Hatchery website.

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