The Poultry Science Association Hatchery involvement is divided into 4 main categories for structural purposes. These include general membership, University Ambassadors, Regional Directors, and Student Directors. Ambassador and Director positions were established in order to aid in the dissemination of  information about conferences, scholarships, fellowships, and other items pertaining specifically to students. 

In order to further aid the mission statement of the Hatchery, along with increasing transparency and communication, a few new platforms have been added by PSA and the student directors. This includes a hatchery specific email (psahatchery@gmail.com) to directly communicate with Hatchery Student Directors, a comprehensive google drive to store Hatchery and University information, and this website! PSA has also launched a "career center" to help students and others find jobs in the field of poultry science. This resource can be found under the "student opportunities" tab.

Student Directors

Represent student interests to the PSA Board of Directors, participate in monthly conference calls, and 

Regional Directors

Communicate between University Ambassadors in their region and the two Student Directors

University Ambassadors

Responsible for communicating with students at their University, their poultry club, and their respective Regional Ambassador